Hardware & Installation

To the untrained eye, a flat panel display is a flat panel display. A keen observer might notice the difference in resolution, contrast, or dynamic range. But all of that aside, they’re all pretty much the same right? Wrong.

  • The selection of what flat panel to use all depends upon the application – Commercial vs Consumer screens.
  • Good fiscal control should be applauded when it stands up under scrutiny. However, when apparent cost-savings evaporate due to poor quality your project is compromised and you are counting the cost. Suffice to say a clear understanding of the differences between consumer and commercial display products is in order.
  • Key hardware concerns: warranty, connectors, 24/7/365 operation, heat, anti-burn in, LCD/Plasma/LED/DLP, mounts, enclosures, cables, connectors, signal distribution, etc..

Networking or connectivity options are numerous. Some of the networking issues that you should consider when working with digital signage, include:

  • Wired vs. wireless, WANS/LANS, cellular, security, speeds and cable quality.